Workshop 2021

Since 2017, the Geneva Competition has organized its Prizewinners' workshop in spring, in Geneva. As the health crisis linked to Covid19 did not allow the participants to meet in situ in 2020, the Geneva Competition proposed an innovative form of workshop in the fall of 2020, entirely online.

The 2020 edition aimed to carry out two projects - a career development project and the production of a self-portraying video - by relying on a digital platform created for the occasion: a "virtual place" allowing participants and speakers to connect and meet up to take part in workshops and individual meetings, and to consult a continuously enriched library of resources.

As the pandemic is still largely disrupting human and cultural activities, the 2021 workshop will involve both the continuation of a long-term online development and a gathering of all participants in Geneva in the fall, conditions permitting.

The 2021 Workshop will combine two phases:

  • Online, for almost one month, from September 28 to October 27. 2021
  • In Geneva, at Foundation Jeantet, for four days from October 28 to 31, 2021

The event, initiated for the laureates of Geneva Competition :

  • Artur Akshelyan, Composer (Composition Prize 2011)
  • Adriana Ferreira, flutist (2nd Prix 2015)
  • Kwang Ho Cho, Composer (Composition Prize 2013)

will also welcome students of the Geneva University of Arts (HEM) in Master of Arts in music performance as soloist :

  • Nour Ayadi, Pianist
  • Federico Gad Crema, Pianist
  • Nikolay Ivanov, percusionist
  • Andrés Navarro Comas, Pianist

and one laureate of the Safran Fundation :

  • Samuel Casale, Flutist (Safran Foundation)

The Workshop is managed by the Geneva Competition and its line producer ProMusica Concert Agency. Both of these entities provide recognized professional competences to participants (artistic management, financial management, production, communication, public relations, etc.), as well as an experience of several years in event organization.

This 5th edition of the Prizewinners workshop of the Concours Genève, in association with the Geneva University of Music (Haute École de Musique de Genève - HEM), is supported by the Art Mentor Foundation (Luzern, Switzerland).

Speakers and trainers of the Workshop 2021

  • Zeynep Çelen (Yoga Teacher, Geneva)
  • Charles Haroche (Teacher in public speaking and rhetorics, Paris)
  • Thomas Enhco (pianist and composer)
  • Emmanuel Hondré (Director of Concerts Dpt. / Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie de Paris)
  • Philippe Kehrer (Somnologist and pneumologist, Geneva)
  • Guillaume Kuster (Expert trainer video storytelling and digital content /, Paris)
  • Christina McMaster (Artist Relations and Promotions Manager at Warner Classics, London)

Executive producer : Agence de concerts ProMusica (Geneva)

  • Ménélik Plojoux (artists manager)
  • Robin Ducancel (artists manager)

Concours de Genève / Geneva International Music Competition

  • Didier Schnorhk (Secretary General)
  • Sandy Kasper (Asst. to the Director)
  • Lisa Elias (Communication)
  • Bastien Ferraris (Production)
  • Marc Racordon (Accounting)